26 September 2008

Where in the world have I been?

Well, I've been right here. The only reason I haven't posted since our appointment on Monday is because there isn't much to tell. The midwife could not find Harold's heartbeat...but no worries :-) It's not always a given that you will hear the heartbeat, and we are going back on Monday night for another go at it. Other than that she said everything seems to be growing as it should--do I need to go into details?!

Other than that we have been plugging through the week. We bought a deep freezer on monday from Sam's club, which is AWESOME! I know it sounds silly, but we have approximately 50 lbs. of venison coming our way and we need a place to put all that delicious meat! The other thing taking up my time has been conservative talk radio...oh my it is easy to get sucked in. I think next week I will take a break...much to my husband's pleasure. He has been reading Amusing Ourselves to Death and has informed me that I really don't need to be listening to all this political jibberish, my vote is not going to change. He's correct. Still it's kind of fun--I guess that is Neil Postman's point, it's entertainment.

I have also been busy trying to keep our food bill at $50 a week. Quite a challenge, but worth it in the end. I also have decided to sell MaryKay--I will fill you all in on that later.

Other than that, not much is happening in our boring little world. Aren't you glad I posted about such nonsense? Will post on Monday if we hear our little person's heartbeat--oh what JOY! Please pray that we will!

Until then....


Joel said...

1) Glad to hear Scott's reading Postman and implementing strategies to keep y'all gibberish-free.
2) How do you keep it under $50 a week? If you do it, please pass along how you do.
3) 50 pounds of venison??!!!! WOW

Elizabeth said...

Can you be my MaryKay lady? I have a friend right now who "sells" it...i.e. places one order per year so she can get the half off deal, and she lets me order stuff with her to make the minimum purchase amount. It's sweet. And probably not exactly what MK had in mind!

And yes please to the grocery tips!