14 July 2009

Where is the time going?

It's July. I haven't posted in what seems like FOR-EVER. Mostly this is because Facebook has become the coming online meeting place for just about everyone I know! Adventures with Liam have gotten a whole lot more predictable and he is just enmeshed into our everyday lives now. We have a great kiddo!

Super exciting things about Liam are as follows:
-His smile is a mile wide and he gives it freely to his Mama and Dadda.
-He goes to be with little to no fuss every night.
-He naps pretty regularly now and will nap at other peoples' houses, as long as he has a bed to lay on and is away from people.
-He's getting good at sitting up when propped.
-He's so big! He's between 16-17 lbs now :-)
-He no longer needs his little head support thing in his car seat.

There are many, many more...I just can't begin to name them all...

Scott and I have just recently started to get a little sad because he is growing so fast. We thought the beginning would never end, now we want everything to stop! I no longer care about interrupted sleep...I love picking him up and nursing the sleepy little guy and putting back into his crib to snuggle with his lovey. I tell Scott just about everyday..."I can't wait for the next one!"

All that to say that we are in L-O-V-E!