28 September 2008

we work for the weekends...sometimes...

Yes that's right...Scott and I have made an impulse decision to go see Sara Groves along with 4 other artists this Saturday night. This impulse decision was made easier given that it will be near Shana and Chris (this is really a guise to see these two lovely people) in Grantham, PA (Messiah College). And also the tickets were only $10 each. YAY!!! I have been wanting to see Sara for a long, long time.

Also a plus? Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb will be there. Maybe they will sing this beautiful song "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go". Scott and I, thanks to Joel and Elizabeth, two of our favorite siblings (you know, aside from Allen, Alex, Amy and Guy) as well as two of our favorite brothers and sisters in Christ, have really gotten into Indelible Grace Music. (run on sentence?) I would encourage you all to check them out!

Other than that, on a more serious note, please continue to pray for Scott in his affliction of this abdominal pain. He started having the pain again in church today, and is now laid up in our bed trying to cope. Pray for healing and for his spiritual well-being as this is very discouraging for him.

More to come, I'm sure...

26 September 2008

Where in the world have I been?

Well, I've been right here. The only reason I haven't posted since our appointment on Monday is because there isn't much to tell. The midwife could not find Harold's heartbeat...but no worries :-) It's not always a given that you will hear the heartbeat, and we are going back on Monday night for another go at it. Other than that she said everything seems to be growing as it should--do I need to go into details?!

Other than that we have been plugging through the week. We bought a deep freezer on monday from Sam's club, which is AWESOME! I know it sounds silly, but we have approximately 50 lbs. of venison coming our way and we need a place to put all that delicious meat! The other thing taking up my time has been conservative talk radio...oh my it is easy to get sucked in. I think next week I will take a break...much to my husband's pleasure. He has been reading Amusing Ourselves to Death and has informed me that I really don't need to be listening to all this political jibberish, my vote is not going to change. He's correct. Still it's kind of fun--I guess that is Neil Postman's point, it's entertainment.

I have also been busy trying to keep our food bill at $50 a week. Quite a challenge, but worth it in the end. I also have decided to sell MaryKay--I will fill you all in on that later.

Other than that, not much is happening in our boring little world. Aren't you glad I posted about such nonsense? Will post on Monday if we hear our little person's heartbeat--oh what JOY! Please pray that we will!

Until then....

19 September 2008


Sorry everyone! I have a little correction to make: there will be no ultrasound on Monday. SORRY!!! I just got a phone call from my OB and they said, "We just wanted to verify your appointment @ 7:30 on Monday night." Me: "Oh, 7:30?! Thought it was 7...that's fine, see you then. Oh! Wait! Do I need to bring anything or have anything prepared before the appointment, I mean, aside from drinking water for the ultrasound." Nice receptionist: "Ultrasound? We don't have an Ultrasound machine here. Are you having a problem? Do you need an Ultrasound?" Me: (forlorn voice) "No. I'm just dumb and totally thought you said I'd be having an ultrasound this week. It's okay I just told the whole world that I'd be having an ultrasound on Monday...don't worry, I have a blog to to post an apology and correct it all." That's how that went. Hope you aren't as disappointed as I am, or Scott will be when I tell him this *pout*.

18 September 2008


Well Harold is growing and growing! So am I :-) If you want to see what is going on here's a link: Harold is 10 weeks old! And while you will see there is so much going on with him there is nothing new going on with me. I know I'm a boring pregnant lady...I actually much prefer it that way. The only thing is that I have been taking long naps everyday. Mostly because I get so tired I can't keep my eyes open around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then I lay down and set my alarm for half an hour and wake up an hour and a half later!!! I recently have felt like nothing was getting done around the house, so I made a little schedule for myself. I know it sounds dumb, but just having that little bit of structure has really helped!

I seem to have gotten myself involved in so many things at church that I really need the structure. I am doing GEMS, leading women's Bible study, doing a girls study on Modesty, Dating and Purity (this is the scariest one) and also we are greeters and help with the youth group. So I am staying busy, and it's all fun stuff so time is flying, which is great. Keep praying for us! We will be needing it...

15 September 2008

pearces plugging pearces, among other things...

Couple of items:

Want to woo your attention over to my hubby's blog. His post picks on me...so it must be worthy read... :-) His blog is "Because I will never write a book" over on my blog list.

Also for you Sara fans. I recently was updated on all things Sara Groves and noteworthy item is that she is putting out a Christmas album this year. Guess who will be pre-ordering!!! ME...and hopefully you too! I think the pre-order date is Oct. 16th. Guess I will have to listen to Christmas music well before Christmas...oh bummer...

11 September 2008

Harold, his yolk sac and my overly full bladder

Drum roll please...the long awaited first ultrasound pictures have arrived... Here "he" is everyone! Harold, circled in pink... and his first words "hi mom and dad". (cute, ain't it? I totally begged her to type this.... ;-) just kidding...)

Above you will see Harold's yolks sac circled in pink (the colour has nothing to do with gender, just visibility). Also you will note my overly distended bladder--the extra-large void in the right corner of the picture.

On another note...I have no more "morning sickness" as it was. I am now just getting nauseous when I need to eat. So I just eat. I think it has to do with low blood sugar, therefore it's not too bad! I just eat something relatively healthy like candycorn and move on :-)

we pause for this thought...

“It is sad to see a Christian pursuing joy in coarse and earthly pleasures when he has more noble and angelical delights, second only in degree and manner of enjoyment to heaven itself. Our faith takes us to the third heaven. We roll and tumble our souls in beds of roses, that is, our meditations of justification, sanctification, and salvation through Christ. No day should pass without these enjoyments. Should not our soul have her due drinks, breakfasts, meals, snacks, and desserts, as well as our body? Cannot such meditations make pleasant work of our daily tasks? They would make time pass by like a boat with full wind and tide, needing no oars. They would make all of our days like holidays and celebrations.” (Puritan, Thomas Manton)

I found this on GirlTalk Blog...and it made me stop and ponder. I so often wrestle with my faith--I sometimes get depressed and down about it, because I feel so lacking. (It is not me, but Christ in me, right?) This made stop in my downtrodden tracks and say, "Hey! I have the greatest thing!!! What am I doing here?" I am justified, being sanctified and have salvation through Christ Jesus my Saviour. That's HUGE! May I urge you, brother's and sister's in Christ, to be meditating on this as well...renew your joy in Christ :-)

Much Love, and Ultrasound pictures to come, hopefully tonight...

01 September 2008

Baby Harold

We've returned from Montrose. All the family now knows our exciting news. We told my dad, step-mom and grandparents by giving them a picture frame with a word document inside of it that simply said, "Baby Pearce *picture of a cradle* April 2009". My grandmom liked the little way of telling them most of all. She said, "See what happens when we're patient?!"

I wasn't so clever with my Aunt Diana and Uncle Bill. I essentially came up from their basement, while they were in the kitchen, turned the corner to face my uncle and stated, "So, we're pregnant." I was greeted with a laugh from Aunt Diana and a confused look from Uncle Bill, for literally about half a minute. I started laughing with Aunt Diana, it was funny. Uncle Bill says, "I was trying to figure out if you were kidding or not." (kidding?!) This was my favorite reaction.

Anyhow, it was very fun to tell them all, and everyone is excited. We explained that, even if it sounds wrong, we really are hoping for a boy. The family, of course, asked us what we would be naming the baby...I said, "Harold." And then proceeded to call him Harold the rest of the weekend saying, "Harold and I are going to take a nap." Things like that. They got the joke and they even started calling him Harold. So Baby Pearce-in-utero has a nickname, and it's not sweet and cute, it's Harold.