11 September 2008

Harold, his yolk sac and my overly full bladder

Drum roll please...the long awaited first ultrasound pictures have arrived... Here "he" is everyone! Harold, circled in pink... and his first words "hi mom and dad". (cute, ain't it? I totally begged her to type this.... ;-) just kidding...)

Above you will see Harold's yolks sac circled in pink (the colour has nothing to do with gender, just visibility). Also you will note my overly distended bladder--the extra-large void in the right corner of the picture.

On another note...I have no more "morning sickness" as it was. I am now just getting nauseous when I need to eat. So I just eat. I think it has to do with low blood sugar, therefore it's not too bad! I just eat something relatively healthy like candycorn and move on :-)


April said...

I remember those days well enough that they are helping to prevent another at this time. I had to eat constantly to keep from feeling ill. It was kind of nice though because I knew that I wouldn't feel bad if I ate.

April said...

By the way, Cute Baby!