26 March 2009


Yesterday I had a meeting with HR, which confirmed what I already knew...since I haven't worked a year AND 1000 hours yet at my job, I have no job security with HMC. So when I go out on maternity leave on the 7th of April (or sooner) they can post my job. Will they? They probably will, since I am not willing to go back for more than 1 day per week and a weekend a month max.

I didn't expect to feel what I felt, however, upon hearing this official news. I felt slightly "punished" I guess. Like I was loosing my job on account of having a baby. I also felt all this, probably undue, pressure to go back to work right away. Let alone go back to work right away, to go back to work at all.

I have wrestled for a while about working, while being a mom. I have been convicted over and over about staying home with our son. I'm not saying this is how every woman, family or marriage should feel about this. To explain further I will direct your attention to GirlTalk blog, yet again! The Lord is so kind to provide encouragement during this time of decision making. In the land of Jersey there is not much encouragement, I have found, for mothers who want to stay at home full-time, let alone home school (we'll not get into that!).

So pray for us with this transition and pray that we would be seeking the Lord's wisdom in all things... "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him." (James 1:5)

17 March 2009

Prizing our Husbands

Just a little post to draw your attention to GirlTalk this week as they talk about "Prizing our Husbands." I've seen so many times, children take the front seat of a marriage and one spouse or another get the backseat (this does not have the be the husband, sometimes it's the other way around). You can find their posts when you click on GirlTalk in my sidebar. While you're there be sure to read the "Friday Funnies" post from this Friday past :-)

As for baby P...all is going well! We are at the 36 week mark on Thursday. If you all could pray that he does not get too big, that would be much appreciated. That's really my only concern. Scott and I are praying that the baby might come before the due date and that it would be a safe and natural delivery. We are so excited to meet our little guy! This week I will make it my goal to post a pic of the very large belly I'm sporting (makes one never want to be carrying this thing around for life!!!) and our put together nursery.