01 September 2008

Baby Harold

We've returned from Montrose. All the family now knows our exciting news. We told my dad, step-mom and grandparents by giving them a picture frame with a word document inside of it that simply said, "Baby Pearce *picture of a cradle* April 2009". My grandmom liked the little way of telling them most of all. She said, "See what happens when we're patient?!"

I wasn't so clever with my Aunt Diana and Uncle Bill. I essentially came up from their basement, while they were in the kitchen, turned the corner to face my uncle and stated, "So, we're pregnant." I was greeted with a laugh from Aunt Diana and a confused look from Uncle Bill, for literally about half a minute. I started laughing with Aunt Diana, it was funny. Uncle Bill says, "I was trying to figure out if you were kidding or not." (kidding?!) This was my favorite reaction.

Anyhow, it was very fun to tell them all, and everyone is excited. We explained that, even if it sounds wrong, we really are hoping for a boy. The family, of course, asked us what we would be naming the baby...I said, "Harold." And then proceeded to call him Harold the rest of the weekend saying, "Harold and I are going to take a nap." Things like that. They got the joke and they even started calling him Harold. So Baby Pearce-in-utero has a nickname, and it's not sweet and cute, it's Harold.


Shana said...

Just added your blog to my Bloglines. :)

(Hi Harold!)

April said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you. I'm going to add you to my bloglist. I also recently started a blog, which may be more fun to look at once you are in the craziness of motherhood of a toddler or two.


Courtney said...

Aww, Scott & Becca I am so happy for you! I do not have a blog but enjoy reading "Girltalk" as well & couldn't believe that you have that on your blog listings. I miss talking to you two (and soon to be three). And we will definitely be praying for you.

We are embarking on our own new adventure.. as baby number 2 is on his or her way. Due April 2, 2009

Anyway, I'll add your blog to my favorites & try to keep in touch this way!

Elizabeth said...

Well you just get emotional about everything these days, don't you?

One thing I'd get emotional about is if you actually UPDATED YOUR BLOG! Geez, Becca. How about some ultrasound pictures or something?