06 October 2009

Rockin' Green

So I have tried a new detergent on my diapers. And I love it. My diapers smell excellent every time I wash and they have never looked brighter! My only qualm is that it is advertised as a scented laundry detergent for diapers, but I haven't really noticed a scent...Maybe it is because my diapers were pretty funky before trying this. Anyhow, I'll let you know how they smell after I get my replacement diapers. To get your own Rockin' Green go here.

Furthermore, you did hear me correctly, I said "replacement diapers". It just so happens that Cotton Babies will replace your diapers if you have a problem with them. My BumGenius laundry tabs have bit the dust...therefore my Velcro is biting it too! So, I've read all the terms and conditions, it seems they will replace my diapers. My friend Megan got her's replaced, for the same reason. It also seems I have the old laundry tabs on my diapers. New diapers, new laundry tabs, happy Mama.

02 October 2009

Cloth Diapers, Breast feeding and baby food

I recall back in the day when Liam was just a wee peanut inside of me...I told people I wanted to cloth diaper my child. The usual response was: "You will give it up after a month, it's disgusting." Well, I have to say, I don't really find it disgusting and we're going on 5 months of cloth diapers. I LOVE CLOTH! My reasons are myriad...

1. They are cute. This may sound superficial, but it's the truth, they are really really cute.
2. They are cost effective.
3. I never have to buy diapers at the store :-)
4. There are no chemicals in the diapers.
5. Less diaper rash.
6. I always have diapers on hand.
7. They don't stink up my house, if they are stinky, I wash them.
8. The amount of trash at my curbside is the same as pre-baby.

I'm sure I can think of more reasons but these will do. (Okay so my reasons really aren't myriad)

Breastfeeding is another thing that people questioned me about. Well, I love that too. Liam and I are super close. Maybe that's because I stay home all day with him and spend countless hours nurturing him (day and night). But I think one of the reasons is that I am his food source! We are bonded, because he is always hungry :-) Seriously though, a certain grandmother tried to give him a bottle before bed the other night and he was refusing it. My son was refusing food!!! This is unheard of.

Other things I like about breastfeeding are that it's convenient. I know I am feeding my son the food that God made specially for him. It's guaranteed snuggle time during the day. And, I am wearing the jeans I wore before I was pregnant.

Baby food. Liam is now eating fruits and veggies. I decided to make his food. Why is it that people think that just because Gerber manufactures something that means that ordinary people are unable to make that same thing? You can make baby food at home! I have made, peas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, banana and pears. He has enjoyed every one of them. If you have a blender or a baby food mill you can do it. It's cost effective and convenient.