20 December 2008

You asked for it, here it is

The new belly pics! We are at 23 weeks, over half way there :-) Or so "they" say.

I guess the way I can tell I'm getting bigger is that you can actually see the panel from my pants through my shirt. And, maybe this is too much information, but oh well, I think I'm getting a stretch mark! Now while some people are very bothered by this, I am not. I had a discussion with my dearest, Nicole, and she and I agree that stretch marks are reminders of what the Lord has blessed us with.

After the snow stops coming we will get a pic of the Honda Pilot up here. Yes, that is what we purchased. A 2004 Honda Pilot EX. It, from all appearance, seems to be a good family vehicle. There are absolutely no frills about this thing. There aren't even cup holders in the front. Yeah that's right. This is something we did not notice until after the purchase, but we are coping. The few things I will miss about my Subaru: heated seats, huge sun roof, 6 CD changer. But all's well that ends well--we have a car, that will seat more than 4 with a car seat in place.

Oh and one more thing!!! We got a crib for free!!! All we had to do was drive to Sparta :-) I love free and/or second hand things.

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Elizabeth said...

You look absolutely beautiful!