17 December 2008

A Couple Links

Just a couple of links that I've been thinking about. Actually 3. The first 2 are actually from Joel and Liz's blogs and the last is from Girl Talk. All of these blogs are linked at the right hand side of my blog page. But here are the addresses for all: Liz's post, Joel's post and the GirlTalk post. All thought provoking :-)

I will post pictures of our "new" SUV soon and also, we need to get a new "belly pic" up and a picture of the awesome PJ's that we got for little man. They are so cool... :-) The reason for the new belly pic is because people are constantly coming up to me saying "you got bigger!" So I guess I "got bigger". Just a word of advice, unless you are super close to a pregnant woman, do not go up to her and say the words "you got bigger", because 1. no duh and 2. pregnant women's emotional status is easily shattered.

Oh one more thing...we might be getting a crib for free from a lady on craigslist. I love craigslist.


Nicole said...

glad the Lord has provided a car for you guys! Awesome about the baby kicking milestone! It's a little glimpse for Scott as to what you're going thru, so sweet!

Elizabeth said...

Becca, do not worry. You still look totally foxy and your belly signifies a great inner beauty....emphasis on "great" and "inner". I cannot WAIT to see a new belly picture and, um, your belly IN PERSON!!!

We might have a few Christmas gifts for our little half-baked nephew.

Seriously I just about cry when I think about your little man! Ok enough...too much self-disclosure in blog comment.

Rebecca said...

can't wait for self-disclosure in person! yay!!!!