15 October 2008


It seems that since I've been pregnant I've gotten busier and busier. I'm leading GEMS, working in home care nursing 4 days a week, women's book study, trying to be an excellent wife to Scott and to be a diligent homemaker...add to that random commitments to youth group and friends at church and a book club I've joined (this is my fault, but it's Jane Austen!!!!)....*whew*! This is a lot of stuff. But through it all the Lord has been faithful and I've been learning to spend my time more wisely and to seek Him in what I do. I also have gotten more organized! Yay!

So in light of all of that stuff what do I do? I started my own Mary Kay® business :-) That's right, I could be your new Mary Kay® beauty consultant!!!! This has been a huge deal for Scott and I, we are both excited.

Here are my reasons for starting this little business: 1. I already love my baby and want to stay home with him to love and raise him to know the LORD. 2. I really love my husband (!) and I want to take a small part of the financial burden off of his shoulders while caring for our little one. 3. I feel that this will be an awesome ministry opportunity. 4. Rachel is a really great friend, whom I trust, and she loves her MK® business so much and she assured me I would love it. 5. I am a people person and I really like meeting new people, therefore I feel this will be a great outlet when the baby is small. 6. I REALLY like Mary Kay® skin care and make up. It makes me happy to be able to share that with other women.

So that is the newest challenge that is going on at 30 Broad. We are enjoying this season of life, God is really showing His goodness to us and we are praising Him for it!


Joel said...

i like MK, too. i use her facewash and i'm not ashamed.

Scott Pearce said...

That's me in the picture, by the way.

Elizabeth said...


B) We just met a one-day-old baby that was born with intact membranes in exactly five pushes (mom's water never broke, things moved so fast). They had an accidental home-birth at the top of their stairs! Anyway, the point is that it totally whetted our appetite for meeting your little one, and we hope that your baby also experiences a speedy delivery, as Mr. McFeely would say. Though perhaps not quite as speedy as my friend's!