03 October 2008

You put the lime in the coconut...

Apparently Harold is the size of a lime and we are at 12 weeks! Finally there is an end in sight to the first trimester...Don't get me wrong, this has been fairly easy so far. But, just seeing the end of this delicate stage is so nice, I just want our baby to GROW! Not that I'm looking forward to the stage of tremendous belly, I just want to get to the point where it feels like that baby is safely growing.
Yesterday I had my hair trimmed at my friend Dee Frayne's and she said, "I like to look at women and tell what they are having by their appearance...I'm always right." I started laughing, of course, and said "oh really?!" She replied, "Yes and after you deliver this baby boy..." 'Nuff said for me, I'm buying it hook, line and sinker :-) Actually as much as I would love a baby boy I have come to the realization that a girl could be very fun! As much as I dread hormones and "princess" stages and tons of pink...I think we will have a cool girl. We can mold her right? :-)
Speaking of girls, we heard the heartbeat for the first time on Monday night. I thought I would be immune to the thrill of hearing my baby's heartbeat. Just on account of how medical it is and all that. But it was so cool!!! It was beating at 172 bpm. Holy beating like a drum batman! The reason why I say "speaking of girls" is because "they" say that the fast heartbeat means a girl. It also could have to do with the chocolate I ate before the appointment and how nervous I was during the appointment. Also, my midwife said it was way to early to tell the sex by that stuff...or so she said. Let me just say we stopped off at Aron and Megan's afterward to pick up my ipod, which, like an idiot, I left in Megan's car the other day, and I prattled on and on. I was so excited! Just the assurance of a heartbeat---Praise the Lord!
Side note (very side note, since this takes us down politics lane): If I never hear the following words again I will be a very happy girl--- "Maverick", "Wall Street/ Main Street" and "Community Organizer". The latter is probably my least favorite, since it never existed to me until this election. That's all on a red, white and blue note.
More to come after the concert this weekend...

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Elizabeth said...

Oh just look at you, burgeoning left and right! Before you know it you will be burgeoning right out of all of our pants! Oh wait, isn't that already happening? I kill me..