16 February 2009

fun baby-stuff pics

Amidst all the excitement of getting, washing, assembling and sorting many baby things, I did have the time to finish the curtains for the nursery. I also was able to make a cushion/pad-type thing for the cradle. We did attempt to buy a mattress for the cradle, but since it was made my grandfather it is not a standard size. Therefore, I needed to make something for the baby to sleep on! No problem, it was a cinch. Here are some of the pics of the baby's room!

This weekend we visited my family in Montrose and my Aunt Diana (dare I say my favorite aunt? maybe I shouldn't...) gave us a little "shower" gift. This is the cutest outfit ever!!! No offense to anyone who may have bought us some clothing, you must understand I am biased toward things of the barnyard. So here you go:

It's a moo-moo outfit!!!

The right sleeve says "Here a Moo"

The left sleeve says "There a Moo" :-)

And the tush has a tail!!! Ha Ha, Scott's response to this, "Does the tail come off?"


Joel said...


I almost wish we had a farming connection so our kids-to-be could wear something like that.

Elizabeth said...

Our cat came straight from an herb farm. Erego we are "farm people" and can lay claim to all things rustic and barnyard.

Rebecca said...

hmmm...I feel that Liz can use her logic any way she wants to sometimes :-)