20 February 2009

Date Night

Recently Scott's job has been more demanding than other times...affording us very little time together. This has been hard in many ways, but we keep reminding ourselves that 1.Scott has a job and 2.Because of this job I have not needed to work as much, and hopefully will need to work very little when our little guy arrives. My husband, our home and our child are my first priorities.

A while ago we had started making Thursday nights 'Date Night'. While this has not always been held as an actual date night, we always have that option on Thursday nights to declare "date night" and devote the night to one another. I do feel that dating when you are married is way more fun than before marriage :-)

In light of last night being Thursday and Scott being home at 6 and not having spent much time together recently, we made it an official date night. What did we do? Well let me tell you...First, I made gorditas. Yum! Our only question was, what makes this different than a taco? Still they were delicious. Then, inspired my Elizabeth's mention of monster cookies in a recent post, we made a 1/2 batch of monster cookies. I mention 1/2 batch because a whole one, those of you in the Pearce family would know, makes 12 dozen cookies!!! That's more than my kitchen aid can handle---I've tried. The only tweaking I do to the recipe is that I only put in M&M's and I undercook the cookies, so they are chewy. Then, since we have not had the chance to do this, we put together the stroller and the pack 'n' play. (By "we" I mean, Scott did it, while I encouraged him and then laughed when he was briefly outwitted by the pack 'n' play. :-)) And we have pictures...

They're a little dark, but you get the idea.

Lastly, we realized that we have not taken a "belly picture" in a while (you can tell how into this we are.). So here is the belly at 32 weeks--yes, that's right, the beginning of month 8. I'll have to post on my little freak out yesterday at some other time. And please excuse the appearance of me in the pic, it's pre-bedtime.

(I'm kind of doing a cheerleader pose....hmmm...)

Anyhow, here's to date night!

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