21 November 2008

Our Cup Overfloweth...

Well, the Thanksgiving week is past, but our thanks has only increased!

The week started off with some exciting news that, not only are we to be parents (you/we already knew that) but we are to be parents of a baby boy *contented sigh*... Scott and I have desired a boy, not for any astounding reason other than that we really want a boy. The Lord does not need to give us a baby or a boy, but He chose to give us both. What a picture to me of Unmerited Favor!!!

Then the next day (Tuesday) my mom and brother arrived, both safely. I have not seen my mother in a year and scott in two years, it was very nice to have her to our house for Thanksgiving. It was also a blessing to have my brother for 5 whole days! :-) During the week we ventured out to buy some clothes for my college-broke brother, we made a large Thanksgiving meal, decorated for Christmas, went to NYC for the day, and celebrated the first Sunday of Advent together. Yes we did all that and baby and I slept very well, I must say...especially after our day in NYC...all....that...walking!

Thanksgiving was beautiful, we were able to have not only 3 parents but 2 siblings, a cousin and a dear friend, Jamie in for dinner. Ashley (cousin) decided to come to NJ to stay with "Uncle Ron and Aunt Linda" for the holiday, just because she wanted to see us all--it was really great to see her again, after 3 years! Many different things were raised in thanks to our Lord and Saviour...

The last, and most exciting thing about this week was that yesterday my mom and I were on our way to Bethlehem, PA for some shopping and excitement when we got into a car accident :-( I won't go into sordid details but my poor little Subaru is mashed in the front. No one was hurt and I went to my mid-wife last night to check on the baby. I'll just start giving praises right now about this little bend in the road because praise is all I have about yesterday...

1. No one was hurt
2. The other driver's car was not damaged
3. My mom was with me and helped me to think through the "what do I do now?"
4. The tow truck was only $48
5. Jamie, the guy mentioned above, is my mechanic, friend, brother in Christ and general go-to guy about many issues, ESPECIALLY broken cars. :-)
6. The body shop owner has been super good and honest.
7. We have no collision insurance....but we do have savings (praise the LORD!)
8. The whole day our baby was kicking me like crazy, as if he was saying "hey! don't worry mom, I'm okay!" (I actually watched him push my tummy out for the first time :-)
9. We have a beautiful church family that always cares for us in our time of need, and my mom noticed that too.
10. Nicole packed her 3 daughters into her car and came to pick us up.
11. My husband is one of the best in the whole world and just said, when I called him, "I'm so glad you all are okay, I love you so much.".
12. My Lord and Saviour always cares for me.

And just as a side note and a lighter ending to this crazy post...we are not naming him "Harold" :-)


Shana said...

Yay for a boy! And yay no one was hurt! :)

Elizabeth said...

I also am thankful, for 2 things:

1. Your updated blog
2. Your sweet comment on my last post!

You also are going to be a fabulous mother with your give-thanks-in-all-things attitude, and we can't WAIT to meet little Harold. I don't know whether I'll ever be able to call him anything else.

And we're more than thankful that everything was ok after your car accident. My first thought was the baby, and then what will you drive?? I'm glad your car doesn't sound like it's totaled, and that you are being well cared-for in God's sovereign providence. He is so good!!

Also my word verification for this comment was "crofu". Sounds like some nasty variation on vegetarian food.